Artwork By Mike Lewis

Erotic Thought Series

Creation Myth
No. 1
Erotic Dream
No. 2
Erotic Thought
No. 7
Erotic Thought
No. 9
Erotic Thought
No. 13
Erotic Thought
No. 18

The paintings in the Erotic Thought series are psychological caves composed of archetypal sexual imagery. Since neolithic times, caves have been wombs leading deep into the body of the Earth Mother. By combining familiar images and symbols into a surreal, sexual space, I hope to rewaken a kind of spiritual sexuality that has been denied in the Christian era.

Sex is a biological necessity imposed by the inevitability of death. And so it follows that danger and desperation lurk in the cave of sexuality as well. The Earth Mother's womb may also serve as tomb. The glyphs inscribed on her walls may increase in meaningfulness the further they are removed from any specific meaning. For these glyphs are the essence of all symbols. They emerge from the same dark cavern that preserves our instinctive image cues.